Kamoer X2S WiFi Automatic Water Change Pump with Peristaltic Pump for Aquarium

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The X2S is a dual channel WIFI water change pump controlled by mobile app. Users can use the X2S to automatically change and replenish the water for their seawater or fresh water tank. The X2S is equipped with an anti-overflow sensor that triggers an overflow alarm when the water level reaches the anti-overflow sensor and
the pump stops working.
The X2S is equipped with two stepper peristaltic pump for continuous long-term use.

Basic Parameters

Flow: More than 300ml/min
Power Adapter: Input: 100VAC -240VAC; Output: DC24V 1.9A
Number of dosing: 12 times/day - 1 time/99 day
Application: Aquarium dosing
Interface: WIFI communication interface
Working environment: Temperatures: 0 - 70℃; Humidity: 10% - 90% (non-condensation)
Storage environment: Temperature: -20C - 85℃; Humidity: 10% - 90% (non-condensation)
Dimensions (L*W*H): 220x160x95 mm
Weight: 2.2KG (not including power supply)
Pump head: 3 rotors KCM

Packing List

01 X2S WiFI Host ×1
02 Power adapter body ×1(DC24V 1A)
03 Power adapter plug ×1(US/UK/EU/AU) ×1
04 Plastic cylinder (10ml) ×1
05 PVC tube 4*6mm; transparent 4m
06 Tube clamp Transparent × 2
07 Tube holder (Kamoer; transparent) × 2
08 Y connector 5/32 1 pcs
09 Float level sensor (3.5 headphone plug) ×2
10 Level sensor mounting bracket (Small mouth; black) ×2
11 Plastic magnet (Kamoer; black) ×4
12 Submersible pump (DC24V) ×1
13 DC male to male wire ×1
14 PVC tube (8*11mm; transparent) 2m
15 Anti-siphon Connector (1/4 straight) ×1
16 Grease 10g ×1
17 Quick start guide ×1
18 Qualified certification ×1

More Details

1. the outlet of oulet water pump (put in waste container)
2. the inlet of oulet water pump (put in water tank)
3. the outlet of inlet water pump (put in water tank)
4. the inlet of inlet water pump (put in fresh water container)
5. Running indicator of outlet pump
6. WIFI status indicator
7. Running indicator of inlet pump
8. Manual control button of outlet pump
9. Manual control button of inlet pump

1. DC24V power supply
2. Reset button
3. S1 sensor interface (connect level sensor)
4. S2 sensor interface (connect anti-overflow sensor)
5. S3 sensor interface
6. S4 sensor interface
7. DC24V pump interface (connect submersible pump)

Pipe Connection Diagram

Sensor Connection Diagram

Installation Method

01 App download

Note: This app supports iOS 9.1 and above Apple devices, Android 4.4 and above
Android devices.

02 View tutorial
After installing the app, open the app and click on the top left corner to enter the tutorial
device list. Click X2S to enter the X2S tutorial view interface.

Indicator and Button Description

▲ STATE indicator includes power and WIFI status indication.





WIFI Status




The device is in router connection mode, and the App controls the device by connecting to the router.


The device is in direct connection mode, and the App controls the device through the connected device WIFI.

Fast flashing


Network configuration mode, at this time the app can configure the titration pump to access the router

Slow flashing

The device is in router mode, but the device is not successfully connected to the router.





Power on


No power or power failure


Pump running indicator: PUMP1 and PUMP2 are pump running indicators. When the pump is running, the pump running indicator is on. When the pump stops, the pump running indicator is off.

Pump manual control button: Long press the button to run the pump, release the button to stop the pump.


★ Please use the product's own power adapter and work in the specified working environment.
★ This product only supports 2.4G WIFI and does not support 5G WIFI.
★ Please check carefully that the inlet and outlet connections are in the correct direction.

Please contact Amy for more details   sales@kamoer.com



Kamoer X2S Water Change Pump

The X2S is a twin head, App controlled, WIFI water change pump, designed to automate regular water changes on your aquarium system. One pump removes water and the other one replaces it by the same volume automatically. 

Users can use the X2S to perform automatic or manual water changes on their aquarium. This unit also features an integrated auto top up system to replenish water lost via evaporation



  • Wifi app controlled
  • Supports IOS and Android devices
  • Manual and automatic water change options
  • Stepper motor driven for continuous use and accuracy
  • Long life Pharmed PBT tube on pump heads
  • Up to 12 water change time programs per day
  • Can perform set water change programme every 1-99 days
  • Built in auto-top-up
  • Can be used as a two channel dosing pump.
  • 24v top-up pump included
  • 3 roller KCM pump head
  • Flow rate >300ml/min
  • Calibration function for each pump
  • Built in, real-time clock with battery back up
  • Emergency high level sensor for sump with alarm
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 160mm x 95mm

Kamoer X2S WiFi Automatic Water Change Pump with Peristaltic Pump for Aquarium

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