Kamoer Peristaltic Pump Silicon Tube 1 meter length

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Low temperature minus 60℃ does not harden

High temperature of 200℃

Product Details

1. High temperature, weather-resistant

2. Transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, the use of high-quality raw materials, high transparency; environmental tasteless

3. Anti-aging pull tear Winter is not hard. High temperature, low temperature, weather, tear resistance, tensile deformation

4. Force not white platinum sulfide This product uses high-quality food grade new silica materials and platinum catalyst system

5. Great electrical insulation Silicone tube dielectric properties, especially at high temperatures, the dielectric properties greatly exceed the general organic rubber

Silicone tube application scenarios

Water heater connection pipe,Tea kettle connection tube,Milk, beverages, wine liquid filling connecting pipe,Laboratory,Research, teaching,Industrial connecting pipe

Kamoer Peristaltic Pump Silicon Tube 1 meter length

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