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Ultra-compact Body
No Pollution
NKP Mini
Peristaltic Pump
Small but Powerful
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Plastic Gear Drive, Low Noise
KFS Peristaltic Pump
Super Engineering Plastic
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Possess Industrial Design Patent
and CE Certificate
KCM Peristaltic Pump
High Precision Control of Stepper Motor
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  • KHS Peristaltic Pump
    · Flow rate: 200~260ml/min
    · 12V/24V DC available
    · 4 types of motors available
    · Planetary gear transmission
    · Super engineering plastic
    · Coming with mounting panel
    · Compact Structure
    · Pump tube material optional
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  • KHL Peristaltic Pump
    · Flow rate: 1300~1800ml/min
    · High precision stepper motor
    · Large flow rate
    · Experiments, filling and packaging, laboratories, scientific research institutes, food
    · Delicate and charming, cool colors
    · Suitable for conveying viscous and non-viscous liquids
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  • EPST Peristaltic Pump
    · Flow rate: 540~620ml/min
    · Stable performance and high accuracy
    · Large flow 42 stepper motor driven
    · Compact structure and high maintainability
    · Exquisite high-end appearance
    · A variety of pump pipe materials available
    · Motor drives pump head output directly
    · Pump tube is not easy to move
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KCS Peristaltic Pump

Fast and easy replacement of pump tubing
Simple structure and maintenance-free


Multi-stage gear transmission,reduction ratio 1:20
12V/24V different voltage,large flow rate


Compact structure for easy replacement of pump pipe
The flow rate can be controlled at any time