Kamoer Mini Rainforest Misting System For Reptile Rainforest Tank

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★ Long service life;​ ★ Low function loss and smooth operation ★ Use universal nozzle, spraying a wide range ★ Use Diaphragm mute pump, small noise ★ Water pump outlet pressure is high, the flow is small.

Basic Parameters

Voltage: 24V DC Power: < 40W Work flow: More than 0.7 L/min Work Current: 1.1A Self-priming height: 2m Noise: <55dB Work pressure: 80 PSI Inlet Pressure: 0 PSI Maximum Pressure: 130±10 PSI Net Weight: 2.6KG Warranty: 1 year

Various Applications

# Reptile Aquaculture # Plant Aquaculture # Ground Cooling Atomized Landscaping

Packing List

1 × Mini Rainforest; 1 × 24V Power Supply; 1 × 8 Meters Hose; 1 × Fliter; 1 × Cutter; 4 × Nozzles; 12 × L-type Connectors; 3 × T-joints.

Product Size

▲ Mini Rainforest has 4 rubber pads at the bottom-shock and noise reduction.

Installation Methods

1. The outlet hose installation method.

Plug the hose into the T-joint. Plug the other end hose into the T-connector. Plug the nozzle into the T-connector.

Installed T-type connector The above method installs the L type joint. Use the above method to connect the joint with the hose.

2. Water inlet hose installation method.

Install filter Insert hose at both ends of the filter

3. Inlet and outlet hose installation method.

Kamoer Mini Rainforest Misting System For Reptile Rainforest Tank

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