PH Meter Used for Fresh Sea Water in Fish Tank with Waterproof Design

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★ Precise warming
★ Waterproof design
★ Automatic shut-down
★ High precision chip
★ Titanium alloy probe
★ ABS environmental material

Basic Parameters

1 Protective case
2 Power switch
3 Calibration potentiometer
4 Hanging clip

Measuring range:0.00-14.00PH
Resolution: 0.1PH
Accuracy: ± 0.1PH
Operating Voltage: 4*1.5V (LR44-Button batteries)
Operating temperature: 0~50℃
Volume: 152*33*20mm
Weight: 53g

ATC Automatic Temperature

One-key conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit

▲ ATC means: the ordinary pen needs to be more accurate at a water temperature of about 25 degrees.

▲ ATC measurement will automatically compensate the water temperature to 25 degrees and the new pen does not need to be calibrated.

Dual Temperature Probe

Titanium alloy probe inside the glass electrode, high test accuracy, ensure accurate data.

High Precision Chip

Speed and accuracy are both improved

Safety and Environmental Shell

Safety ABS anti-material
Integrated ABS shell, beautiful and g=high temperature resistant, not softened, to prevent damage caused by the impact of fish and turtles.

Using Instructions

01 Remove the protective sleeve.
02 Clean the electrode of the PH meter with pure water and dry it with a soft paper towel.
03 Push(connect) the power switch located on the battery compartment.
04 Insert the PH meter into the liquid to be measured until the liquid is immersed in the immersion line.
05 Stir gently until the displayed value is stable, read the displayed value.
06 After use, please turn off the power, wash the electrode with pure water, absorb the water with a soft paper towel, and put on a protective cover.

In the following cases, the PH meter must be recalibrated.
1. Electrodes are used frequently
2. Has been used (or placed) for a long time after calibration
3. The measurement accuracy is particularly high.

PH Meter Used for Fresh Sea Water in Fish Tank with Waterproof Design

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