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Know KH Carer

KH Carer is an automatic device for testing the KH value of aquarium, including manual detection function and automatic detection function. In case of abnormality, you can push the alarm. Users can easily view the test results and set the test parameters in Android or iOS app. The equipment can also automatically adjust KH value according to the test results.

  1. Seawater sampling interface, connected to sea water tank
  2. Add KH detection reagent interface and connect to KH detection reagent barrel
  3. Add KH inlet and connect KH bucket
  4. Add KH outlet, connected to sea tank
  5. Waste water outlet, connected to waste liquid drum
  6. Communication interface, standby
  7. Power supply DC12V 1.9A
  8. Display
  9. pH Electrode  
  10. pH electrode fixing cover
  11. Beaker
  12. Magnetic stirring rotor


Product features

  • It includes a 2.8-inch display screen, which can view the equipment status at any time
  • The sampling pump, adding detection reagent pump and adding KH pump all adopt high-precision pump heads
  • It can automatically complete the test and add KH reagent according to the test results
  • It supports two detection modes: automatic test and manual test
  • Support pump flow calibration and pH calibration
  • It contains real-time clock, which runs automatically according to the set parameters, and the power down parameters are not lost
  • Support IOS and Android remote WiFi control and local Bluetooth control
  • Support the solution bottle capacity monitoring function, and push the alarm when the solution bottle capacity is insufficient
  • Support the function of alarm push


Application occasion

  • Marine biologicalfeeding. It includes hard bone coral (SPS), soft coral (LPS) and polyculture coral (SPS / LPS).
  • Other occasions requiring KH test and KHmaintenance


Software function

  • It includes automatic and manual workingmodes
  • 1-24 tests per day in automaticmode
  • Reagent bottle remaining quantity monitoringfunction
  • Alarm pushfunction
  • Automatic supplement KHfunction
  • Calibrate pump and pHfunction


Product installation

1. Install the beaker

After receiving the equipment, the user should put the beaker on the equipment for use.

  • Gently pull out the pH electrode and put the magnetic stirring rotor into the
  • Put the pH electrode and waste liquid discharge pipe into the beaker, then plug theminto the fixed position, and the installation is completed.

The position of the waste liquid discharge pipe depends on the inner wall of the beaker to prevent the magnetic rotor from touching the waste liquid discharge pipe when rotating.


2. Configuration solution

If the KH detection reagent that can be used directly is purchased, this step can be ignored. The following describes the dilution method of KH detection reagent concentrate.

  • The electronic scale measures 980G RO 980G water corresponds to 980ml water. RO water can be obtained from the water dispenser. Note that the reagent barrel should be peeled on the electronic scale before taking water.
  • Pour a bottle of KH concentrate into 980G water and gently shake the reagent
  • Pour the mixed reagent of water and concentrated solution in the second step into the concentrated solution bottle and rinse the concentrated solutionbottle
  • Pour the rinsed liquid back into the reagentbarrel
  • Repeat steps (3) and (4) once to complete the dilution of the concentrate.


Download the App

  • Scan the box or the QR code below to find the application download with the following

  • Apple users enter the App Store application store, Android users enter the Google Play application store, search for "Kamoer Remote", find the application download


KH Carer

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