KDLP1200 Micro Diaphragm BLDC Water Pump Flow 1.8L/min

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Appearance patent, compact design, low pulsation
Pump head material PPS
Rubber material EPDM
High pressure, large flow
Simple design, beautiful and generous
Long-life brushless motor

Basic Parameters

Voltage:12V 24V
Motor: Brushless Motor
Pressure: 0.5Mpa
Power: 10W
Length: Only 10.5cm
Lifetime: 3000H
Max Sunction: ≥1(Data from Kamoer Lab)

Vasious Applications

Injet Printer
City Dust Removal Spray Truck
Rainforst Spray
Leaf Fertilizer Spray
suitable for many scenes.

More Details

High power and high pressure.
The liquid pressure can reach 0.5Mpa.

Outer Rotor Brushless Motor High Progress


Wiring Introduction

Red wire: "+"

Black wire: "-"

Yellow wire: Speed Feedback

White wire: PWM

1. Brushless wiring full speed operation
Red wire + white wire connected to the positive pole, black wire connected to the negative pole, yellow wire is not connected.
2.PWM speed control board wiring
Red wire connects positive, black wire connects negative, white wire connects PWM speed control, yellow wire does not connect.




KDLP1200 Micro Diaphragm BLDC Water Pump Flow 1.8L/min

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