KCP2-KFS peristaltic pump 4~49ml/min

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Product Details

★ Small size ★ Intelligent adjustment ★ Easy maintenance ★ High repeatability ★ No pollution

Basic Parameters

Motor: DC motor Flow range: 4-49ml/min Voltage: 24V Current: 1A Roller: 3 rotors Tube selection: Silicone Tube;BPT Tube Material of Head: Engineering plastics Temperature: 0~40℃ Humidity: Less than 80% Net Weight: 580g Net weight 580g Size: 126*70*96(L*W*H,including pump head)

Various Applications

# Laboratory # Drip irrigation # Printing # Transmission # Aquarium # Animal experiment

Flow Rate & Tube Selection

Tube Code

Tube Size(mm)

Flow Rate(ml/min)


1.0×3.3 BPT



2.0× 4.0 BPT






Tubing Life



Low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not easy to aging, low precipitation, etc., chemical resistance. Corrosion performance decreases with increasing temperature. Suitable for transmission of various low corrosion(10%) Liquid.

▲ Working temperature: -60℃~200℃




Very good resistance to general chemicals, as well as excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and oxides. The product is transparent and resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so it helps protect sensitive liquids.

▲ Working temperature: -51℃~132℃


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Packing List

1 × KCP2-KFS with BPT tube(B04:1.0*3.0mm / B08:2.5*4.5mm); 1 × Power Adapter(US/UK/EU/AU).

More Details

▲ Intelligent adjustment knob

▲ Easy maintenance No valves and seals; Easy hose replacement; Pump head snap-on design

▲ Transfer Method Transmission mode is gear transmission First stage deceleration 1:14 Secondary deceleration 1:196 First-stage deceleration output speed is fast, tending to be large flow The secondary deceleration output speed is slow, tending to be micro flow

Packing Details

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KCP2-KFS peristaltic pump 4~49ml/min

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