Kamoer ZFC Water Separation Filter and Vacuum pump Pre-filter

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ZFC Water Separation Filter and Vacuum pump Pre-filter

Vacuum pump Pre-filter


Model: ZFC100; ZFC200
Flow Rate: ZFC100--20ml/min; ZFC200---30ml/min
Gas description: Air and Nitrogen
Pressure range: -100~0kpa
Working temperature: 0~60℃ (not frozen)
Filter element pressure difference: 1.5bar
Tube available: Nylon tube, PU tube
Material: Cover PA/transparent cover: PC/filter element: PE

Various Applications-ZFC

01 Medical
02 Life science
03 Water treatment
04 Environmental protection
05 Electronics
06 Gas filtration
07 Chemical analysis, antibody/protein/DNA
08 Sample processing
09 Solid-liquid phase separation
10 Special equipment filtration

NOTE:   ZFC100--20ml/min Max;  ZFC200---30ml/min Max.

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Two Specifications-ZFC

▲ Filter cotton can be replaced

Model 2- Vacuum pump Pre-filter

Lifetime: Over 90Days
Body Material: PP
Filter element: white polymer filter element
Support Products: KVP8/KVP15/HLVP6/HLVP8/HLVP15


▲ Only for air use, corrosive gas cannot be used
▲ Use at the intake end (use at the negative pressure end), and the positive pressure does not exceed 0.1MPA
▲ Regular maintenance to prevent the filter from clogging


Fluid direction

Applications-Vacuum pump Pre-filter

# Vacuum pump filtration
# Motor vehicle environmental protection testing line
# Exhaust gas detection line
# Exhaust gas analyzer


Kamoer ZFC Water Separation Filter and Vacuum pump Pre-filter

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