Kamoer KICCI Smart Aquarium Controller

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Kamoer Intelligent Aquarium Controller

Kamoer Intelligent Aquarium Controller is a professional aquarium controllers, it provides a very flexible and easily expand of the intelligent control program, let you have more time to focus on your favorite fish, coral, plants, landscape, enjoy the fun of feeding, spend less time to do maintenance for temperature, water, light, add elements or food and other miscellaneous work.

With the help of our aquarium cloud App, the Kamoer Intelligent controller allows you to control the real-time screen of their own aquarium tank, to view the temperature, ph value and other performance parameters via iphone,ipad, Android phones at any time, anywhere, and remote complete of light conditioning, water pump control, element addition, feeding and more work, you can also set the automatic control program, so that the aqurium controller to coordinate multiple devices to complete closed-loop control.

Kamoer Intelligent Controller is a cost-effective products, you can  buy it at a very affordable price to enjoy a set of aquarium professional services.

Parameters and Precautions

1. Please use the product in the required working environment.

2. Please use with Kamoer standard power adapter.

3. If you need to use the WiFi connect Intelligent controller, you can use the network cable to plug into the home router's LAN network after the aquarium cloud App settings.

4. If the interface is not used for a long time, please use the protective silicone rubber cover to cover the interface.

5. If there are other problems, you can freely contact us through the online customer service in aquarium cloud APP.


Kamoer KICCI Smart Aquarium Controller

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