EDLP600 Mini Diaphragm Water Pump 600ml/min

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Diaphragm pump EDLP 600

EDLP 600 is a miniature diaphragm pump that is used in both companies and is designed according to the principle of a positive displacement pump. It is powered by the rotation of the motor. Through the eccentric wheel on the motor shaft, the rubber is driven to circulate and reciprocate, and the suction and discharge actions are formed in the cavity, and the gas is inhaled and sent out by the closing and opening of the one - way valve.



Beautiful workmanship

Rugged construction

Oil - free, maintenance - free

Compact design

Low energy consumption

High and low temperature resistance



Watering the flowers

Aquarium pumping

Drug irrigation

Rhinestone water supply

Laptop water cooled


EDLP600 Mini Diaphragm Water Pump 600ml/min

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