The main industrial application areas of Kamoer pumps

Kamoer pumps are selected as system components by many high-end fields, and they have extremely high requirements for pump stability, reliability, quality and accuracy. We are constantly expanding the industry fields and applications we serve.


Medical equipment

Kamoer pumps play a key role in many medical applications, including in vitro diagnostics, anesthesia monitoring, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment and surgical equipment, and intensive care equipment.

Printing & 3D printing

Kamoer pumps are used in drop-on-demand and continuous inkjet applications that require high stability and reliability. In addition, for additive manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, raw material or adhesive injection, and vacuum generation that requires liquid supply, degassing, and meniscus control, and print head cleaning.

Environmental testing

In gas and water quality online detection technology and analytical measurement equipment for environmental protection and facility management, stable and accurate results are essential. With years of experience in the environmental protection industry, Kamoer pumps have become the ideal choice to meet these demanding applications.

Portable gas detection device

A reliable gas alarm system consists of sample collection, analysis and monitoring. For dangerous gases and vapors, Kamoer pumps can provide excellent solutions, which can effectively protect the health and safety of personnel and prevent explosions and failures in various places.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry has strict requirements for equipment design and materials. Kamoer provides a wide range of pump solutions for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to achieve precise liquid transfer, clean and reliable processing.

Chemical industry

The materials of the parts in contact with the medium in the Kamoer pump can be selected according to the characteristics of the medium to meet special requirements such as chemical resistance and explosion protection, so as to achieve the best performance in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Analytical Instruments

The Kamoer pump used in the analytical instrument can meet the stability and accuracy required by the researcher to ensure accurate results.


Equipment used in a clean room environment must meet strict requirements. Kamoer pumps meet these standards and are suitable for related processes such as chemical degassing, laser lithography, wafer vacuum processing, circuit board cleaning and fluid quality control.


The Kamoer pump is an indispensable component for airport security personnel and emergency personnel. At checkpoints where safety is of paramount importance, our products play a decisive role in the detection of drugs and explosives.

Cleaning and disinfection

In a society where the public is concerned about health and safety, Kamoer pumps have a wide range of cleaning and disinfection applications, such as deep cleaning of floors and carpets, and disinfection of medical equipment and veterinary equipment.

The fuel cell

Kamoer is one of the most important pump product suppliers for fuel cell manufacturers. Our pumps are used in forklifts, portable equipment, vehicles and power supplies, etc.


Kamoer pumps have excellent operating efficiency and meet strict hygiene and ecological standards. They are ideal for filling, spraying, titrating or quantifying fuels, fertilizers, nutrients and disinfectants in the agricultural field.

Other process

From operating conditions, specific process requirements to documentation, we will consider all relevant factors to ensure that your specifications are successfully implemented.