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Quality control (QA/QC supervisor)/test supervisor
Job description:
job responsibilities and requirements
1. Responsible for quality control, including incoming inspection, process inspection, final inspection and outgoing inspection, production process and quality control;
2. Responsible for quality system management, business guidance to quality engineer, inspector, working supervision and performance management;
3. Responsible for the quality improvement, including the quality problem of corrective and preventive measures of quality management and coordination, quality of presentation, meeting and so on;
4. Responsible for the department each work the implementation of the system process, achieve the quality objectives of the division and assessment;
5. Responsible for supplier quality improvement.

Qualifications and requirements:
1. The medical apparatus and instruments, machinery, electronics and other professional college degree or above, minimum 3 years experience in quality management.
2. Be familiar with related quality management system, internal audit qualification is a plus;
3. Control and improve the quality management experience; Able to skillfully use QC management tools, be able to use 8 d report, improve the quality problem;
4. Serious and responsible work, careful meticulous, has strong analytical solution to ask
The cashier/accounting assistant/assistant
Job description:
job responsibilities
1, responsible for the company's cash and deposits custody work and issued bank notes.
2, responsible for the day-to-day management of balance of payments and check: payment: according to the approved and authorized payment, payment as required. Prepares payment vouchers. Registration books as required; Payment: sales amount to the account confirmation, bank check, registration sales; The accounts receivable tracking; And is responsible for the corresponding summary;
3, assist accountant to do a good job of handling all kinds of accounts; Including the cost base data statistics, inventory document summary, stock and so on;
4, responsible for basic office accounting check; In charge of proof of charge to an account number, binding; Preservation, archiving financial related information;
5, improve the financial process, improve the system of financial management, finish other task leader delivered.

Job requirements: 1, gender: female, college degree or above, major in accounting, finance or related major; 2, a cashier working experience more than one year, the accountant is preferred; This city registered permanent residence is preferred. 3, familiar with
Foreign sales clerk
Details: foreign sales clerk 3
Requirements: 1, junior college or higher education, there is a strong ambition, the courage to challenge;
2, there is a wealth of foreign trade marketing knowledge (English and other foreign trade related field preferred), English language, a strong team spirit, strong communication skills;
3, e-commerce platform (Alibaba, Taobao, Lynx, etc.) have some knowledge and understanding;
Location: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai
Interested parties please send your resume to: Gong Xiansheng close
Job Function: Marketing Assistant Marketing / Sales / Development Commissioner Position Description :
Related Undergraduate a marketing, advertising , news and media education, there are electronics market experience preferred ;
(2) At least 2 years of overseas marketing , branding and relevant work experience, good market information collected , analysis, market research report writing ;
3 specializes in online , offline branding plan activities and to formulate corresponding marketing strategies ;
4 familiar promotional materials , advertising planning activities ;
5 with excellent English, can write and translate English product information, and to communicate with foreign customers and to communicate directly .

1 line under the company's brand promotion :
1 ) Events : develop overseas exhibition program and organizational planning , execution.
2 ) magazine ads, interviews, product evaluation , such as : promotion of products according to the needs of advertising , arranging interviews with leaders and product testing and evaluation .
(2) the company's brand online promotion :
1) B2B platform : the maintenance and use of overseas B2B platform ( Alibaba, Global Sources , Made in China , Hong Kong, China UNCTAD ) for product promotion .
2 ) The official English website content writing, planning and design of cross-platform home arrangements other promotional activities related sites .
3 user manual translation of the company's products and regular updates.
4 . Arrange follow-up planning and design work overseas promotional materials.
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