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2018 Marketing Center Swear Assembly
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2018 Marketing Center Swear Assembly
Aim high, Achieve more.

Celebration of Chinese New Year

We hand in hand to bid farewell to the glorious years of 2017, in the past year, all partners sincere solidarity, united, has made brilliant achievements.

General Manager's Office - General Manager Lee Speech: At the end of this year, celebrate the New Year's day, let us fly the dream again, fly wings.

Share success and look to the future
A mighty force innovative move, crowded look at the heroic, all British hero together, you catch me rush pride; by our TOP sale experience.

Grab market resources, built outstanding feats; here is the sales director Xu Jun Dong 2017 annual marketing center summary and 2018 annual marketing center work plan.

 In the same storm-tossed boat, hand in hand advances together.
Team is a group of people who have a common goal and make good use of each member's knowledge and skills to work together. There is boundless potential for the strength of the team. Here is our little game to play a team.

Breakthrough yourself   Advancing bravely. 
The one team, the one dream, let us come up with unprecedented high morale, full of passion to greet our leadership review
KA sales manager and his team 

Foreign trade team and her team

E-commerce supervisor and her team

All marketing center personnel took the stage oath, joint photogroup photo

General manager to make a conclusion speech

Work together to create brilliant life
Where does our heroic spirit come from? From our dedication to the cause of the pursuit of passion for countless partners love our customers affectionate, but also from our team's own commitment and trust! Wish the company more and more brilliant together!












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